WRGPT26 Blind Structure and Holidays

The 26th annual World Rec.Gambling Poker Tournament started on October 17th, 2016.

It is anticipated to last until late July 2017.

All reported times are US Pacific Time. The server does adjust for daylight saving time. You will note that timeouts are given as PDT or PST accordingly.

Last updated: 10/17/2016

Dealer Address


Floorman Address



Ken Anderson and David Widder

Info Web Site


Floorman's Blog


Stats Tracking Web Site


Live Hand Tracking Web Site


Number of Entries


Number of Tables at Start



No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Initial Stack

$50,000 (Etherbucks)

Full Redraws

A full redraw is when all players are randomly assigned to new tables. This will be allowed to happen after 45 days for the first round and after 30 days for all other rounds. They will happen when a table gets down to five or less players or when a live redraw is not possible.

Live Redraws

A live redraw is when one or more tables are "broken" and the remaining players are placed onto running tables with empty seats. Live redraws are used to extend the round to prevent full redraws.

WRGPT26 observes US Federal Holidays in general. This time we will not be taking an extra long holiday break between Christmas and New Years Day as we have in the past.