WRGPT31 Registration

The last day for registration will be Saturday, November 6, 2021 for WRGPT31.

You must register for yourself. Do not register anyone else other than yourself.

Any registration unconfirmed for more than 72 hours is subject to removal.


(your REAL name will not be given out nor made public. It is only for the floorman to prevent duplicate entries)

Name to be seen in WRGPT Tables and Standings
(should be the same as above real name but it is not required)

Use Same as Above if no entry below.
Email (comma separated if more than one)
Start of Day (PACIFIC time)


We hope to start a practice round about October 25, 2021

The practice round will last about two weeks and may end suddenly or restart entirely.

Registration will continue through the practice round. Those who register after the practice round starts will not participate in the practice round unless a restart happens.

The real tourney should start about November 8, 2021.