WRGPT Timeout Policy

A "timeout" is when you take too much time to act.

You will timeout in WRGPT if you take more than four hours of your office hours to act.

When you timeout your hand will be folded if there is a bet to you or checked if not. You will also be put on vacation. Lastly, you are charged for one timeout.

Timeouts are discouraged. However, some timeouts are unavoidable. That is why you are allowed a generous supply of timeouts before any punishment is taken.

You will (and should) timeout if you or your spouse goes into labor, or your kid needs to see the doctor or you get really swamped at work. However, if you get ten timeouts caused from serious or unavoidable situations you have our sympathy, but you still will be resigned from the tourney so that your unfortunate situation does not impact the other players in the tourney.

Furthermore, if you show no ability to prevent timeouts you will be removed from the tourney faster than ten. Here is how it scales up:

Please be respectful to other players. Set your START time to get the proper office hours. Try to act in the four hour window. Try to use advanced action commands whenever practical.