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Protest FAQ


Here are the most common reasons people protest and why they are almost always rejected:


1. I should not have timed out or why did I fold when I made no action?

2. I had the small blind last hand and a redraw happened and I should have the button or other redraw related table position issues.

3. I have changed my mind and would like to withdraw the protest. How do I do that?


1. I should not have timed out.

This is almost always due to a lack of understanding of the office hours (see START command) and the five hour window you get to take action.

Basically, you get to pick your nine hour contiguous block called your "office hours". Office hours are only in effect Monday through Friday PACIFIC Time, USA. When it becomes your turn to act just count off the next FIVE hours that fall into the 45 hours that are your office hours. There may be a few minutes tacked on so that the dealer doesn't have everyone timeout at the same time.


2. I had the small blind last hand (or whatever) and I should have the button (or whatever) this hand (and other redraw related table position issues)

First, the live redraw logic does not guarantee perfectly fair seating when assigning you to a new table or assigning someone else to your table.

Second, because of this, any seating position that you get relative to the blinds is valid seating.

Third, the live redraw logic attempts to keep you at the same number of hands in front of the blinds or more that you would have had if the next hand would have continued without interruption from a live redraw.

Let's look at some of the consequences of this behavior then we'll look at the complications.

If there were only five people left on your table then the BEST seat was going to see three hands before paying a big blind. If there were seven people left, the BEST seat had five hands before paying a big blind.

That is the basic criteria used for redraw seating.

In both examples the BEST hand was on the button. If they both get seated onto the same table they both can't have the button. In fact, the player from the seven player table will be more likely to get the button.

One complication is that the button is a more valuable position than merely three or five hands from the big blind would suggest. That complication is resolved, for the purposes of WRGPT and live redraws, by the contention that the button five hands from the blinds is probably more valuable than the button three hands from the blinds. In practice, the button is not even considered for live redraws. Only position relative to the blinds is considered.

Another complication is that many players could be placed onto the same table where each just paid a big blind. Only one player can get the small blind. What should happen to the other player? WRGPT live redraws has decided to give one of them, randomly chosen, a break and push them into the button. You can see a similar issue with multiple small blind players, etc.

In general, the attempt is to rank players by hands until they have to pay the blinds, then some compensation for multiple players that just paid blinds. It isn't perfect but it can be argued that every algorithm used for a live redraw has flaws.


3. I have changed my mind and would like to withdraw the protest. How do I do that?

This one is really easy. Send an UNDO command to the dealer and your protest will be withdrawn and play will continue. The floorman thanks you for doing this. Protests are most of the work of being WRGPT floorman after the first week or two of the tournament.